Farm House

aMacciaToday aMaccia covers a twelve hectars land planted with olive-groves and vineyards.
They also make excellent staple products.

Products: From its wineyard aMaccia produces "Pigato" and "Rossese", which are typical Ligurian PDO wines and also extra-virgin PDO olive oil.

A chance of learning about agricultural reality with the "Didactic Farm"
We have also started with a project called "Didactic Farm" based on "journeys" specially studied to plunge into nature and discover the production context of wine and oil, from the grape and the olive's drupe to the table.
The "Didactic Farm" is addressed to all levels of schools, from kindergarten to UNITRE (a sort of University suitable for elderly people).

Technical sheets (italian)

  • Extra-virgin olive oil (PDF)
  • Pigato Wine (PDF)
  • Rossese Wine (PDF)
  • Ormeasco Wine (PDF)
  • Rosato Wine (PDF)